From Cabinets to Creativity: Refining My Work Routine Post Kitchen Project Triumph 

Hello everyone! How's it going? As we approach 2024, I'm curious about your creative plans for the upcoming year. Any special projects or New Year's Eve traditions you're looking forward to?

Before diving into our main topic today, I'm excited to share some key moments from my 2023 journey with you. 

In March, I took 20 days to give my kitchen a simple makeover, turning it into a calm, white space. The result is a neat and organized area—keeping things in the cabinets and surfaces clean. It feels satisfying.

In May, launching my online store marked a big move, featuring my handmade pottery and setting the stage for future handcraft projects. Exciting times ahead!

I returned to the pottery studio in September, create new pieces, reconnecting with my pottery pals. November brought a heartwarming reunion with family, friends, and my pottery sensei, Mr. Kato, in Nagoya, Japan. I have also explored a unique pottery studio in Hong Kong. It's been a fulfilling year, setting a positive tone for my creative journey.


Referring to the kitchen project above, establishing a clear goal and scheduling was crucial for repainting. I initiated the process with meticulous planning, addressing tasks like masking, reorganizing cabin and drawer contents, and applying three coats of paint to each door. Strategically, I arranged the drying space into sections throughout my house and reinstalled everything at the project's conclusion. Breaking it down into two parts each day—morning and afternoon—I devoted approximately 5 to 6 hours. Though I initially aimed for a 14-day completion, at the end I extended the timeline to 20 days with a few schedule adjustments.

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